Seeking Instant Messaging Communication Platform for Logistics Supply Chain Players


Getting the contact network, calling the carriers, freight forwarders via phone line and waiting on hold can be incredibly aggravating, not to mention time consuming. And for carriers, freight forwarders, phone centers are sometimes not the most efficient (and cost-conscious) way to address customer’s concerns.

On top of that, embracing the “new normal”, businesses have moved into communicating via instant messaging more and more. So far what we see in the market is that each of the carriers has social media channels for their business only. There is no one common social media channel that can allow different parties to discover each other and take the communication privately on and off the platform.

A real-time communications and direct instant messaging chat-based solution is therefore sought, to enable efficient and seamless communications by our users. The solution should be integrated with our existing supply chain platform CALISTA.



There is currently no existing chat-based solution in our platform. Currently, the only way to communicate between users is by placing a note under a remarks column at the time the booking or shipping instruction (SI) is placed. The user is therefore unable to receive direct instant messages on the platform.

We are seeking a solution similar to a WhatsApp or WeChat app that is to be integrated with our CALISTA platform, to be used on mobile devices and web browsers. The solution should use CALISTA user ID system to authenticate the user’s identity in order to access the service.

All messages must be encrypted and secured.

The solution should ideally handle voice and video chat.

It should also be able to handle 100 users in a group chat.


The demand side (eg beneficiary cargo owner, freight forwarders) is able to discover, communicate with the supply side (carriers, truckers, freight forwarders, Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs), airline providers) via this proposed social media messaging application for CALISTA, that can be accessed via popular app such as WhatsApp and WeChat.

The flow can be carried out both ways i.e. there is also possibility that the supply side would wish to communicate with their customers.

The chat can be made private between the two parties, and subsequently be translated into the orders in our CALISTA Logistics or CALISTA Freight Exchange platforms.

End Users

Supply side and demand side could be any player in our digital community. They could be carriers, freight forwarders, NVOCCs, beneficiary cargo owners, customs brokers etc.

Minimum Required Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

Level 7


Desired Outcome

We envision the solution to enable the community to actively exchange information in a more efficient way, that cuts down the turnaround time, and thereby increasing satisfaction for transacting parties. At the same time, it increases the stickiness for users on our CALISTA platform.


Development Timeframe

1 month. Maximum 2 months to have this implemented.



Further Details

Further details of the challenge statement may be found at the Briefings Page, in the form of video recordings of the virtual briefing sessions, Q&A transcripts and presentation slides if available.



Instructions on Submitting Proposals

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Proposal submissions are open from 22 Jul 2020 to 29 Sep 2020