Seeking Internet of Things Technology for Predictive Maintenance of Ship Machinery


We are a company that owns ocean-going vessels such as tankers, gas carriers and dry bulk carriers. We are seeking an Internet of Things (IoT) platform to extract real time data from vessel’s equipment ashore and analyse the data for predictive diagnosis of the machinery problems on-board.



We are seeking an IoT platform to extract vessel’s equipment data ashore for monitoring performance and diagnostics of machinery problems. The proposed solution should be able to predict a probable breakdown through trends and data analysis based on machinery readings and parameters.

Maintenance of the machinery will be carried out on-board; however, the analysis of the machinery performance will be done ashore which will determine the schedule of maintenance on-board.

Currently, the vessels undergo a planned maintenance schedule, with manual reporting of the vessel’s equipment performance performed by the vessel’s crew. Such a manual reporting of the machinery data introduces risk of human error and is therefore not ideal. Manual processes would also reduce the data frequency and the accuracy of the data recorded. This would hinder the probability forecasting of the machinery breakdown.

The solution should be able to extract data and determine the following:-

  • Machinery failure due to the lack of adhering to the parameters and condition as recommended by the manufacturers (e.g temperature, pressure, amperage etc.)
  • Machinery failure due to lubrication failure, or poor quality of lubrication oil
  • Excessive vibrations leading to non-alignment, bearing failure, distortion etc.
  • Machinery failure due to non-adherence to the planned maintenance as stipulated by the manufacturer
  • Able to measure carbon footprint based on the vessels’ speed and consumption
  • Monitoring fuel consumption and savings
  • Tide / Weather predictions to assist in navigation
  • Automatic vessel routing
  • Database of all crew who have worked on the vessels & monitoring on-board and on-shore training of the crew
  • Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE) and Port State Control (PSC) inspections
  • Incident reports

For solutions that require machinery to be retrofitted with sensors, we shall get the machinery manufacturer to liaise with the solution provider to facilitate extraction of the data, and to advise on any restrictions or constraints.

With regard to wireless connectivity, our vessels have Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite communications that can be used to transmit data to and from the Internet.

Our vessels have data from the machinery collected on-board in electronic format.

The proposed solution is to be used by ship owners and ship managers.

The solution may be developed in any location; however, it has to be installed on-board ocean-going vessels.

Minimum Required Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

Level 7


Desired Outcome

The proposed solution should enable efficient operation of the vessel by reducing the operating expenditure such as fuel consumption and lubricant oil use.

The solution should also enable an effective maintenance system which can lead to the reduction in spares or stores of inventory.

The desired outcome is to improve the operational efficiency and monitoring the performance of the ocean going vessels and its machinery.


Development Timeframe

1 year.



Further Details

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