Seeking Technologies for Automated Category Allocation


PT Monotaro Indonesia (Monotaro) is is an B2B ecommerce company, Joint Venture company of Monotaro Co.Ltd and Sumitomo Corporation Group.

On receiving data on goods from our suppliers, we need to categorize these items and map them to our existing product categories. This process is currently a manual one. There are numerous instances of incorrect categorization due to human-error and the process is time-consuming. We are therefore seeking a solution to automate the product categorisation of received goods from our suppliers.

We are interested in a software solution which can be deployed easily and provide a significant reduction in labelling errors, thus increasing productivity and enhance our overall work efficiency.



The proposed solution should be able to accept incoming data from different suppliers, and then proceed to label the products as belonging to 1 of the 12 main categories. This proposed AI sorter system will automate the manual mapping process of assigning a product category label to an incoming product.

The incoming data from different suppliers could be in text such as the title and description, and image. The proposed solution must be able to recognise text and image data, to support the AI in identification of the most appropriate product category to the product. Descriptive text for the items could be either in Bahasa Indonesia or English.

In terms of training data for such AI system, we have internal data from our eCommerce platform. The smallest product category contains about 30k to 50k product records.

The proposed solution should incorporate data aggregation, cleansing and analytics.



Further Details

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