Seeking Technologies for Mining Companies to Manage Tasks and Inventory


Mining companies in Kazakhstan consists of a large number of employees. The workers must be provided on time the necessary equipment and special clothing. On average, 25 items are provided per employee, with the number of employees reaching 1,500. All the items must be monitored and accounted for, and the collected data must be converted into a report. One of these reports is the company's required order for special clothing from the contractor. The number of active companies from the extractive sector in Kazakhstan is 500.

We are seeking an automated system for monitoring and accounting of special clothing for workers.



The software solution we are seeking should include all the following modules: 

  • Employee’s personal card : Personal Employee Card
  • Workwear module : Accounting for workwear and personal protective equipment
  • Security module : Integration with Access Control System
  • Medical record module : Medical history of employee
  • Canteen module : Accounting for employee nutrition
  • Movement module : Tracking above ground and underground movement
  • Training module : Automated training system
  • Testing module : Automated testing and diagnostics of the system

The software must allow integration through the API with third-party systems. The software should be cross-platform to be able to use on MacOS and Windows and have proper access control by role.

The software should include the following:

  • basic (L1) and extended (L2) support services
  • event logging
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • continuous implementation of improvements
  • scalability
  • high availability
  • microservice architecture
  • new options development stand


Development Timeframe

Software development and implementation process:

  • task setting (1 week);
  • presentation of the prototype and solutions (1 month);
  • implementation of the pilot version (2 months);
  • development of the final version (3 months);



Further Details

Further details of the challenge statement may be found at the Briefings Page, in the form of video recordings of the virtual briefing sessions, Q&A transcripts and presentation slides if available.



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Proposal submissions are open from 22 Jul 2020 to 29 Sep 2020